Which payment methods are available to pay my fees?

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Cash from your account

  • This is the default method for all new accounts at Bitcoin IRA. This fee payment method means we will use un-invested cash in your account to cover your fees. You don’t need to do anything additional to pay from your account; however, in the event there is no longer cash in your account, you may receive collections notices or portions of your cryptocurrency may be liquidated to cover outstanding fees.

Credit or debit card

  • By selecting this method, you are authorizing us to bill you for your ongoing account maintenance fees through an outside payment method. This is a great way to maximize your retirement funds, as well as any contributions. By paying your fees outside your account, you can use more of your retirement money for investing!

Digital assets

  • By choosing this method, you are allowing us to liquidate some of your cryptocurrency each month for any outstanding fees. This means that as long as you hold cryptocurrency in your account, you will not be invoiced for fees.