How do I add funds to my retirement account using my bank account?

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In this article, we will review step-by-step how to link your bank account to add funds.


1) First, click Get Started from the Dashboard under Connect Your Bank Account.



2) From the Add Funds screen, enter the dollar amount you would like to transfer. Select Transfer from a bank account, and select One-Time under the Occurrence heading. 


3) When ready, click Link Bank With Plaid. 



4) A prompt from Plaid will appear. Click Continue. 



5) Find your bank on the list, or type it in the Search Institutions box if you don’t see it. 


6) Once you find your bank, click on it. 



7) When prompted, enter the login credentials for your selected bank or institution. 



8) You may be asked to verify your identity. Select your preferred method from the list: Phone, or Email. Then press Continue. 



9) You will receive a verification code via phone or email depending on your choice.  


10) Once received, enter the code, then press Submit. 



11) From the Select Account screen, choose the bank account you would like to use to fund your BitcoinIRA account. 


12) Once selected, click Continue. 



13) You will see a message stating that your account has been successfully linked. Click the Continue button. 



14) With your bank account now linked, read the Terms of Use, and click the checkbox to agree. 


15) When ready, click Confirm Transfer. 



Congratulations! You have now linked your bank account to fund your BitcoinIRA account.