How can I swap crypto assets?

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1) Log in to your Bitcoin IRA Account at


2) Click SWAP on the Self Trading tile near the center of your dashboard.


3) A popup will appear and ask for your two-factor authentication code, which will be sent via text message to the primary phone number on file for your account.

  • Click Send Code
  • Enter the code sent to your phone into the popup window on the screen.

4) Once you enter the trader, you will need to select SWAP one more time.

  • Note: the trade will revert to BUY once you are in the trader. Please be sure to verify the type of trade you are placing before you complete the trade.

5) Ensure you’re using the intended account for the Fund Source.


6) Under Swap From, choose the crypto asset you would like to trade for another.

  • Enter the unit amount you wish to swap (not the USD value). The USD value will populate automatically once the unit amount is entered.
  • Only the assets you currently hold will be available to Swap From.
  • You can only place one swap order at a time.
    • Ex. BTC > ETH.  
  • Under the coin name will be the estimated price of the selected coin.

7) Under Swap To, select the crypto asset you are looking to receive.

  • You may choose any coin or token available on our platform.
  • The corresponding unit amount will populate in the Swap To section automatically once the unit amount under Swap From has been entered.

8) *IMPORTANT* Review your order summary carefully to verify the following:

  • The trade type is correct (buy).
  • The crypto asset is correct.
  • The dollar amounts are correct.

9) Once you have verified the details of your trade, check the disclosure box under the order summary and click Place Order.