How can I spot a fake app?

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Some scams or malicious attacks by bad actors on BitcoinIRA customers, or users of other crypto products, may involve tricking the target into using a fake or fraudulent app that appears legitimate. Below are warning signs that you may be using a fake or malicious app.

Signs of a fake app:

  • Fake logo: The logo does not match the BitcoinIRA logo, or is off in some way
  • The domain of the website is something other than
  • Fake phone number: Providing a phone number other than that of BitcoinIRA, or the use of the real BitcoinIRA phone number for a different company or product
  • Misspellings, strange wording or grammar, or unprofessional presentation
  • Fake account numbers, numbers that do not match, etc.
  • Use of scam emails or phishing to direct users to the fake app or webpage (see common scams)

If you want to verify you are using the BitcoinIRA app, call us or email us using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

For more on this topic, read about common scams to look out for.