What are common scams that I can look out for?

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Safety and security of users’ digital assets is paramount to BitcoinIRA. In some cases, there may be scams or phishing expeditions designed by attackers, scammers, or social engineers to maliciously obtain the funds of BitcoinIRA customers, or the customers of other companies. This is attempted by directing them to contact us fraudulently, or by providing malicious, but seemingly harmless, instructions. Below are several scam types to look out for with helpful information on how to spot them. If you have any questions about your account, call us or email us using the contact information at the bottom of this page.

Here are some scams to look out for:

  • Scams that provide a fake balance and ask you to claim funds
  • Scams that ask you to download an app to cash out
  • Scams that ask you to obtain Bitcoin on a cash machine or ATM
  • Scams with a QR code that require a deposit to release funds

Impersonating a cryptocurrency exchange and providing the BitcoinIRA phone number

In this scam, the perpetrator will email the target prompting users to claim funds, for example $24,000, that are claimed to be held with the exchange they are impersonating. They will then provide the BitcoinIRA phone number, pretending it is the phone number of the exchange.

BitcoinIRA will never send you an email telling you to call us and claim funds.  If you receive an email that does not match your holdings, or you receive a suspicious email providing our contact information and are not yet a customer, it is likely a scam.

Impersonating a crypto app and providing instructions on how to cash out

In a similar attack, customers are told they have available Bitcoin to claim, and to download a particular app to do so. The scam is likely designed to encourage the transfer of user assets to said app, and then to the attacker.  If you are a customer, there is no way to “cash out” outside the BitcoinIRA platform, and if you are not a customer, no external company will legitimately provide our contact information as part of a necessary process to obtain your funds.

Instructing users to obtain Bitcoin or cryptocurrency from a Bitcoin cash machine or ATM

BitcoinIRA is not currently partnered with any Bitcoin or cryptocurrency ATMs or cash machines. Any communications associating user holdings with, or implying necessary use of, ATMs to obtain funds or “cash out” is more than likely fraudulent or a scam.

Impersonating BitcoinIRA or our support team, requiring a deposit to release funds

BitcoinIRA allows customers to self-trade different cryptocurrencies, or return to cash, at any time via its mobile app or web portal. While there are fees, there is no significant deposit required to release funds, and we will never ask you to deposit cryptocurrency to an unknown or external wallet address to release your funds. If you’re contacted in such a manner, or were provided a QR code to deposit cryptocurrency in order to release your funds from BitcoinIRA, the attempt is likely fraudulent.