How do I view my billing statements?

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1. Log In to Your Account

Using a secure web browser, go to and enter your email and password. Always use a secure connection and a trusted device when accessing your account.

2. Navigate to the Document Center

Go to the Document Center by clicking on “My Documents” in the Navigation Menu (located on the left-side of the page). Alternatively, you can follow this link.

3. Click on the "View / Download” Tab

Click on the “View / Download” tab, located in the top right corner of the Document Center page.

4. Accessing Past Billing Statements and Documents

Here you'll find a list of your past billing statements. Note: You can find additional forms or documents shared by our team here.




Tip: You can use the Search bar, “Sort By” and “Date” filters to assist in locating the billing statement you’re looking for.