Why do I see an error 1020 when I try to access my account?

  • Updated

You may be receiving this error code because you are trying to login outside of the continental United States or your computer may have software limiting your access. We have found that connecting to a VPN usually fixes this issue. Please review below to see which circumstance applies to you: 

Are you logging in from outside the United States?

  • Use a VPN that will route through a US-based server; this will allow you to access your account. If you need assistance with this, please contact our service team at 877-936-7175, or via support@bitcoinira.com, and one of our agents will assist you. 

Are you logging in from the United States?

  • Some antivirus software contains a built-in VPN that will reroute you through a foreign server, which can cause this message to appear even when you are logging in from inside the U.S. Please reach out to one of our service team members at 877-936-7175, or via support@bitcoinira.com, for assistance with disabling this feature.