How do I send documents to BitcoinIRA?

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1. Log in to Your Account

Using a secure web browser, go to and enter your email and password. Always use a secure connection and a trusted device when accessing your account.

2. Navigate to the Document Center

Go to the Document Center by clicking on “My Documents” in the Navigation Menu (located on the left-side of the page). Alternatively, you can follow this link.

3. Click on the “Upload” Tab

Click on the “Upload” tab, located in the top right corner of the Document Center page.

4. Add Your Document

To add your document for upload, you may either use the “Click to Upload” link in the "Upload” box or drag and drop your document into the “Upload” box.


upload forms.gif


5. Select Your Document Type and Finalize the Upload

After adding your document, select the appropriate document type from the drop-down menu.  Then, click the “Upload” button to upload your document.



Alternative Submission Methods: Mail or DocuSign


1. Submitting documents via Mail

In cases where we request your original documents, we will send you a FedEx label with clear instructions for mailing. This ensures a reliable and traceable delivery process.

2.  Submitting documents via DocuSign 

We may also ask you to submit documents electronically via DocuSign. This electronic signature platform eliminates the need for scanning and uploading necessary paperwork.